12/21/12 (The Beginning of the fall)

by alecgreymoon

Many people believed that the world was to end in the year 2000. Then again on 12/12/12, and once again on 12/21/12. The world never ended, it still turns and there is still life on earth. However life as we know it, will never be the same. On December 22, 2012 people around the world woke up to a world as they’d always known it to be. That is, until the dead became the living dead. There have been many stories throughout history that warns us of this for our future but it is hard to interpret things written that long ago. One example is the Bible.

The fourth and last horse is pale in color. Literally this is greenish yellow. Scripture makes two references to this color. Both in Isa. 29:22 and Jer. 30:6 it describes people that are faint and about to die. The power of death upon the body produces this effect, a pale corpse is a terrifying sight to behold. This horse represents death in all its horror and the many ways that brings one to the grave. In our text the name of the rider is “Death” and “Hell” follows after him. Graphically this portrays the grim reaper claiming mankind at any given point in history bringing them to the state of the dead and the grave.

The end of the world for some has already come and gone in the form of death. If God exists then he’s already come like a thief in the night to take the souls of the ones deserving the entry into heaven. So what happens to a body without a soul? Would that only leave a body of sin, torment, and pain? I don’t know exactly how it works but in the end you get a corpse walking around trying to eat you without regard for anything but their own needs. The need to feed.